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November News
Today is:


Integrity is in vogue again!

The corporate scandals are numerous from Enron, to World Com to Martha Stewart and company.

Many people ask themselves what they can do to influence our society.  I suggest that any real change begins with one or two people.  With that in mind I would like to share the following:


10 things we can do as citizens to influence our children and the corporate culture of tomorrow!


1.   Teach your children that it is not okay to supply your home office with the supplies of your employer.


2.   Make sure the software you have on your computer is properly paid for licensed software. 


3.   Stop making copies of Music CD’s and giving or trading them with your friends.


4.   Don’t copy VCR tapes and DVD’s


5.  Keep your promises and commitments to your spouse.  If your spouse cannot trust you why should your children or employer?


6.   When you tell your children or spouse you are going to do something, do it.  Keep your promises to them!


7.   When you work and are being paid do it with all your might.  Teach your children that unproductive time you are paid for is the same as stealing.


8.   When you are given too much change at the grocery store makes sure you give the change back to the cashier and tell your children why you did.


9.  Don't eat the grapes or the produce of the grocery store while you shop and then not pay for it at the check out!


10. Shut off the free satellite and cable and either call the companies and start paying for it or just turn it off and tell the children why you are doing it.


My mentor once told me "Do right and fear no-one"! 


The amazing thing about a clear conscience is that you sleep better. 


If we teach our children early in life that is not okay to steal from the “Big Corporations” then perhaps when they lead the “Big Corporations” they will not loot them at shareholders expense.  After all,


Principle -- particularly moral principle -- can never be a weathervane, spinning around this way and that with the shifting winds of expediency. Moral principle is a compass forever fixed and forever true.  -- Edward R. Lyman


Timothy J. Kilkenny

Founder & CEO



V.92 and You

(The FullNet guide to V.92)


The announcement of V.92 support has created many questions by our members and I want to take this opportunity to answer many of those.  So, in no particular order, here we go:


Q: What is V.92?

A:  V.92 is the new dial-up modem specification from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that introduces new features providing convenience and performance for the modem user.


Q: What is different with V.92 compared to the modem I have?

A:  V.92 introduces mainly three new features for your modem experience.  They are quick connect, Modem-on-Hold™ (MOH) and PCM Upstream.


Q: What will quick connect do for me?

A:  Very simply, quick connect will shorten the time it takes to make a connection by remembering ("training") the phone line characteristics and storing them for later usage. Typically, the modem handshake (all that noise you hear) takes from 25 to 27 seconds. Surveys indicate that people are quite irritated at this length of time. Quick connect will cut the modem handshake time in half for most calls, a significant improvement.


Q:  What will PCM Upstream do for me?

A:  PCM Upstream boosts the upstream data rates between you and FullNet to reduce upload times for large files and email attachments. A maximum of 48 Kbps upstream rates is supported. PCM Upstream will work particularly well with new equipment such as Internet-connected digital cameras, which primarily upload rather than download information.


Q:  What will MOH (Modem-On-Hold) do for me?

A:  Many households use the same phone line for both voice calls and data (Internet), so when the user is browsing the Internet, an incoming call cannot get through. MOH allows you to receive a brief incoming call and stay connected to the Internet (Call-Waiting service from your phone company is all that is required). It also works in reverse; you can initiate a brief voice call while connected and keep the modem connection.


Q:  You mean I can take calls while I'm online?

A:  Absolutely.  The MOH feature is unique to V.92 and many ISPs do not support V.92.  FullNet is excited to offer you this ability.  But keep in mind this feature is designed to allow you to avoid missing important calls while on the Internet.  It is not for receiving and making extended voice calls while on the Internet.  To use the MOH feature, you will need a software application, usually provided by your modem manufacturer.  Check with your modem manufacturer for details.


Q:  Do you support V.92 everywhere on the FullNet network?

A:  Not yet.  Currently we are only supporting V.92 in Oklahoma City but have plans to support almost the entire FullNet network with the V.92 features by early 2003.  Stay tuned here for future announcements.




Jason Ayers

VP - Operations



Introducing the New FullNet Partner Program


We are excited about the new Partner Program where we will be marketing our full portfolio of Internet products through businesses throughout Oklahoma.  To assist with this statewide expansion, we have hired an account manager who will work full time to assist with training, distribution, orders, tracking, and commissions.  A new compensation system has been implemented to reward our partners at three levels of participation.   It is our hope to create a direct incentive towards higher commissions for those that chose to actively market our products.   For more information on this exciting opportunity contact Wayne Gray by telephone toll free at (800) FullNet extension 124 or by email at sales@fullnet.net.

Below we have detailed some of the many features of our enhanced Dial-up Account. It Provides all the tools you need to customize your Internet browsing experience. 



Featured Product Description



Dial-up Access to the internet

The New FullNet Tool Box

Faster V.92 Technology
Telephone Access while On-line!
A Pop-Up Advertisement Killer
Email Spam & Virus Protection
Direct Monthly Pay Options
Direct Yahoo Interface
And so much more!


Already, everyone is enjoying the new direct interface with Yahoo and the very customizable My.Yahoo.Com.  Below is more detail about these exciting new enhancements. Also, Remember, when you need help later on, friendly FullNet customer service people are just a quick toll free phone call away (1-800-FullNet) 24 hours a day 365 days a year.



·         Competitively priced at $19.95 per month or just $219.45 per year (One Month Free!).

·         Unlimited Attended Internet Access …anytime!

·                   24/7 Toll Free Customer Service & Tech Support at 1-800-FullNet.

·         Five Free Email Accounts – now accessible anywhere from a browser!

·         Free Personal Website Space - Up to 10 Meg. (For non-business use)

·         The FullNet interface takes you directly to Yahoo or the personally customizable My.Yahoo.Com.

·         Optional Monthly Invoice (billing): only $2.00 per month for a paper invoice or just $1.00 per month with an email invoice.  Pay with a check, money order, or even cash each month.

·         Optional State-Of-The-Art Email Virus and Spam Protection for just $1.00/mo per address!

·         FullNet Referral Program that gives you one free month for each referred dial-up customer!

·         FullNet Tool Box – Telephone Access While On Line!

·         Now supported by the new faster V.92 Modems in the 405 area code and coming to the rest of Oklahoma in 2003!  A box comes up informing you of an in-coming call.  Click to take the call and talk briefly, then be returned seamlessly to your spot on their Internet.  After longer calls, upon returning, your system will redial in and take you straight back to the page you were on!

·         FullNet Tool Box – Pop-up Advertisement Killer!
      Stop those annoying pop-up advertisements from interfering with your surfing!

·         FullNet Tool Box – Look for the addition of many more options to allow the beginner and advanced user to get the most out of their Internet browsing, emailing, or even gaming experience!


It’s an exciting time to be with FullNet!



Wayne D. Gray

Vice President of Sales



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