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We just took over responsibility for providing dial-up Internet service to the customers of CWIS.NET in Eufaula, Hartshorne, McAlester, Sallisaw, Stigler, Wilburton and Tulsa. We are pleased to welcome their former customers as the newest members of the FullNet family.

In a recent letter to his subscribers the owner of CWIS Internet Services wrote the following: “We have made the difficult decision to leave the dial-up Internet service business, however we have not abandoned you. After a great deal of research and investigation we have selected one of Oklahoma’s finest Internet service providers to assume the responsibility of continuing to provide you with the finest quality service available. They will assume full responsibility for providing your service as of July 30, 2004.

FullNet Communications, Inc. is an Oklahoma based company that has been providing high quality dial-up Internet access on a state-wide basis throughout Oklahoma since 1995. Since 1995, they have invested in excess of $2.0 million to bring Oklahomans the fastest and most dependable dial-up Internet experience available and provide service to more than 225 communities throughout Oklahoma.

We have always known that we were the best Internet service provider in the state; however it is always gratifying when our competitors recognize the quality of our service as well. As always, we remain firmly committed to providing all of our members with the finest quality Internet service available!


Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO


Home Improvement: personal nightmare or personal fulfillment? Either way, if you need help, www.hometime.com, a searchable how-to site built around the popular PBS and TLC Syndicated show, covers all the bases, with lots of illustrations and real-world tips. (Cutting tile? If you’re using a utility knife, shorten the blade to keep it from breaking easily.) Additional information can be found at www.thetiledoctor.com, which sports how-to slide shows, a lot of design help, and a nifty tile calculator (so you buy just the right amount of tile).

For everything you ever needed to know about your toilet, check out www.toiletology.com, a funny site with dozens of illustrated lessons on everything from toilet anatomy to septic tanks. Seriously though, this is a great site with valuable information about everything from emergency repairs and maintenance to remodeling. It has even won rave reviews from professional plumbers!

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel


Anyone using Microsoft Windows, whose computer is used on the Internet, should make a point of visiting WindowsUpdate.Com. This site, provided by Microsoft.Com, is an online repository of upgrades and security updates to Microsoft Windows. Through WindowsUpdate.Com, you can keep your computer up-to-date and help insure that it is protected against a large number of computer viruses.

To use Windows Update, open Internet Explorer and go to www.windowsupdate.com. Once there, your browser will first check for the latest version of the Windows Update software and you may be prompted for permission for its installation. If the prompt confirms that this software is from Microsoft.Com, permit it and wait. You will then be able to click "Scan for updates". Click this and your system will be examined and a selection of available updates, tailored just for your computer, will then be presented.

Most users are not expected to know every single update that they might require; for this reason, a number of recommended updates will already be selected for you. You can then click 'Install' and the selected updates will be downloaded to your computer and installed. Some of these updates must be installed separately from other components, and some updates require that you reboot the computer after their installation is complete. Because of this, we recommend you visit WindowsUpdate.Com repeatedly until every recommended update has been installed, then be sure to come back once a month to keep your computer current and secure!

Matt Wiltfong
FullNet Communications, Inc.

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