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Members of FullNet Communications Inc. & Friends of the Company:

Since the 1996 Telecommunications Act was passed, the Regional Bell Companies have sought to stifle competition. This was designed to allow free and fair competition in the market place that will help you, the consumer, through lower rates and better customer service. The alternative is that we have to learn to live with the same old monopolistic behaviors exhibited in poor service and higher prices, because there are no other choices left in the marketplace.

This fall, the FCC will be rewriting the rules that allow our member companies to compete against the Bells. This month, the Commission will be accepting public comments in the remand proceeding of the most recent Triennial Review Order. We need you to write the FCC now to help save telecom competition!

I encourage you to write to the FCC, Congress and the Bush Administration to let your voice be heard in this crucial rulemaking proceeding. Please go to http://www.comptelaction.org, logon and write your letter today. It only takes five minutes and your action will have a tremendous positive effect.

Of course I have already taken the time to respond but the FCC must hear from more than just us. They need to hear from you, your colleagues and your family. Sadly, the Commission could wipe out competitive access to crucial Bell monopoly network elements facilities that are vital to our members' business plans. Unless they hear from competitive telecom employees and understand that thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investment are at risk, the worst is virtually certain to happen.

So please take five minutes to logon to http://www.comptelaction.org and write your letter today!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO


Unfortunately, the answer many times is no. Consumer WebWatch is working to change that. The site is a grant-funded project of Consumers Union, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports.

You’ll find in-depth reports evaluating Web commerce overall and by genre (such as online hotel booking), in addition to lots of links to various groups committed to Web credibility, consumer protection and advocacy, privacy and more.

Check out their News Archive for news reports on online issues from spyware, to advertorials, to online taxes. They also investigate and provide reports on online scams and schemes. You can sign-up for their free monthly e-mail newsletter, with consumer tips not found on their Web site.

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Roger Baresel

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